Cheap Directory Enquiries

Welcome to Cheap Directory Enquiries. No need to call an expensive 118 number to find the phone number of a business or service you need.

Start using our revolutionary, unique and efficient new cheap directory enquiries service.

Dial 0870 635 0123 and say the name and location of the business you wish to call

You will be connected instantly to the business or service provider that you need!

This cheap directory enquiries service is based on cutting-edge voice recognition technologies which connect you – within seconds – to any business or service provider in the UK!

About Cheap Directory Enquiries

Whether you need to find the phone number of your bank, dentist, garage, insurance company, local cinema or favorite restaurant and any other business in the UK – all you need to call is our number 0870 635 0123.

Save the number 0870 635 0123 in your contacts list and all you need to do is press one button and reach any service in the UK.

Calls cost just 13 pence per minute (plus your own company access charge). If you have inclusive call minutes in your call plan, calls to our 0870 number may be FREE. Just check your call plan if you are not sure.

Sounds too good to be true? Give it a try – you’ll be amazed!

Cheap Directory Enquiries Service provided by: Story Telecom Limited, Olympia House, 1 Armitage Road, London NW11 8RQ